Wednesday, March 23, 2005

2 faced coin

It's a good day to have a snuggly dog who curls up around your feet and keeps them warm.
It's a bad day to have a dog that requires the sleet and hail and snow and buffeting wind through the sluddles (slushy puddles!) and across the ever slickening surface of the streets and sidewalks.

It's a bad day to be a good dog community member and perform your end of the dog walking barter.
It's a good day to pay your debts to the other dog walker who has, admittedly, gotten the shittiest weather during the winter barter period. She came to my house and walked my dog in the snow and brought me back potassium rich drinks and Jell-O when I had the stomach flu, too. Teddy's Mom ROCKS.

It's a good day to walk a dog like Teddy who, as you're debating whether to go the extra half block in the aforementioned weather, turns toward home and refuses to budge until you follow him. Teddy hates descending precipitation of any kind. Once he even walked precisely under my elbow so that the rain wouldn't hit his face.
It's a bad day to have a dog like the Principessa Emmolina of Gowanusovia whose coat is so thick and water resistant that she doesn't realize there IS weather of any sort until you've been out in it 20 or 30 minutes. She positively perks up in a good head wind.

It's a good day to live in a place where, for an extremely low price, lovely people will deliver your groceries straight to your door.
It's a bad day to have to clean all the disgusto food out of your refrigerator to make more room for the new and improved non-spoiled food. (Any day is a bad day for that. Long live rubber gloves!)

It's a bad day for having to get the stupid bus full of stupid people who won't move all the way to the back.
It's a good day to be the last day of the work week! (Viva my new trabajo!)

Despite all the waffling it's actually a pretty good day.

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