Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Why I Love New York

Yesterday was a bad day at work. Specifics are for another time.

As I got into the elevator at the end of the day, though, I was confronted with a young woman on a cell phone wearing a plain black dress and some odd animal print stockings which were kind of mesmerizing and made her look just slightly diseased. As I step to the back of the car (which, by the way, is what one is supposed to do!) the diseased woman reached out and touched my arm. Just keeping my recoil reflex under control I looked her in the eye and realized that it was LilyB! She works in my building, on 2 different floors, one of which uses the same elevator bank that I do.

All of this is a lovely coincidence but not nearly so funny if you don't know that I haven't seen LilyB for over a year and finally remedied that 2 weeks ago by going to her mom's house for dinner. We had a grand old time, discussed the fact that we both had new jobs, read some Tarot, ate & drank heartily, discussed the jobs themselves in a fair amount of depth but not once did we discuss where those jobs might be. It never occurred to her, I'm sure, and the rate of subject change between LilyB and her mom, BeBe, is so high that I never had a chance to do my typical, plodding Capricorn investigation.

Proof positive that the city of my dreams wanted to give me a bright shiny present to make up for my shitty day.

Thanks New York!

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