Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Oh, no you didn't!

If you're saving the season finale of Gilmore Girls for viewing later don't read this post.

Fucker! Fucking fuckers! Amy Sherman Palladino is a minion of hell and her husband stands at her right hand!

It was perfect.

I watched the previews:

"One of these people will say these words"






And then it was 8:58 and no one had said them and I KNEW that, as usual, the preview was just a tease and the proposal would be fake or entirely unearned. They've done it with other things, most recently Lorelei's pregnancy scare, and I was sure it was going to be a pattern. The gentle beginning of a downward spiral. I mean, they're setting the groundwork for Lorelei to start traveling around the world and everyone knows that as soon as the characters start working in front of a green screen of the Vatican or the Seattle Space Needle it's downhill from there. You did see the last season of Roseanne didn't you?

But then.

At 8:59 no less.

Luke's diner.

Lorelei is wigging, everything she stands on is dissolving and Luke, well, Luke is being Luke and he's not offering good solutions but he's offering solutions and he's giving everything he has. He is using the word "we" like it's the last oar in a life boat off the Titanic.

And we're listening to him and watching her and you see her decide and...

"Luke, will you marry me?"

Reaction shot, Luke.



Perfection. Beautifully acted, beautifully written and exactly what many of us have been waiting for since this damn show started.

Yeah, I know, there are 30 million ways they can screw it up or blow it off or retroactively fail to earn this moment.

But I've got all summer before that.

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