Monday, June 27, 2005

Lording the Ring

I'm in a couple of weddings this year. And I'm trying to be helpful and upbeat. For the most part I get into the planning of it all. It's like a REALLY important one night theatrical performance where if anything goes wrong people's entire lives will be ruined. Seriously, though, I am truly honored to be asked to be in them.


Oh come on, like I'd be writing about it if there weren't a but.

The other day one of the brides explained to me how wedding bands work on your finger with your engagement ring.

"You wear your engagement ring on top of your wedding band and they nestle together. It's really important to find the right fit."


Are you sure you should be telling me this? I mean, I don't know the secret Bride handshake yet, it might be against the rules giving me inside information like this.

It is at this point in the Briding process (and I've been through it before, enough that I at least knew this moment was coming) that you realize that the Bridal Hormone has been released and that any thought outside of the wedding and wedding related information and how other people fit into the wedding is a thought that isn't going to get oxygen. No matter how nice the bride, how evenly keeled and pleasantly personalitied this moment comes. It's OK, you get to be crazy when you're working on being Princess cum Queen for a Day, I appreciate it, even though I don't get it. How could I get it, I'm not a Bride! :)

I had heard once or twice before about how wedding and engagement rings are supposed to be worn.

I mean, I've never shot up heroin either but I have an idea what the procedure entails.

I love weddings. I do. I wasn't lying when I said that I'm very honored, either. I just hope I live through it.

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