Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Technology? Fabulous!

Scene: I'm sitting at work, not doing actual work because well, no one else is here why should I?

Phone rings.

Chili: I'm lost. I'm at a stop light is the University of Maryland?

Me: Er..(Google) College Park.

Chili: I'm in College Park Maryland on, uh...Melbourne Street, no, Place, Melbourne Place and I need to get to Benson Street in Columbia, Maryland. I'm going to the Olive Garden.

Me: OK. Hold on. (Furious mapquesting) Got it, go toward I95 North.

We confer, I read, she follows, she makes noises as though she's actually going to remember this. I am looking at the mile markers on mapquest and know there's no way.

Chili: I left the directions on the pad in the lobby of the hotel.

Me: Happens to everyone.

Chili: I'll call you if I get lost again.

Me: I'm leaving this screen up until I hear from you.

Chili: Really? Oh good! I'll call you when I get there.

Extra bonus: This is the billboard she saw on the way - "Since when did Bridesmaid Dress become the new uniform of summer?"


  1. You forgot to mention that I DID call you when I got there, it took me practically no time at all, and that it was actually not nearly as scary as I thought it would be. What about the mile markers made you think there was no way? Anyway, I whole-heartedly agree with you.... Technology? FABULOUS!

    Love you!


  2. Totally true, without calling again you got there and you were very kind and let me know. I wrote and posted this all before you were halfway there. Another oddity of the speed of technology. Sorry for the misconception.
    It was 15 miles on 95. If I'd had to wait that long on one road I'd have spent all my brain power being sure I'd missed the exit and completely forgotten the rest of the directions.

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  4. Anonymous10:43 PM

    and another note...

    I went that same route to IKEA in College Park on my way to the airport to get home (I'm SURE that's what the Universe had in mind for me when I took that wrong turn on Wednesday). Anyway, I drove past that same bus stop again and had a good look at the poster that inspired me to call Kizz in the first place - the one that asks when the bridesmaid's dress became the new uniform of summer - given to us by the good people of Starbuck's.