Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The things I do for you people

I've got another sort of downer of an entry saved as a draft and ready to post but I wanted to give you something a bit more light hearted in between. Last night, just as I was drifting off to sleep, (FINALLY) I thought of something that would work, something that happened to me and Pony Express a few years ago.

This morning all I can remember is that it was something that happened to me and Pony Express years ago.

So there has been wracking of the brain today to come up with something brief and hilarious to lift you up before I get all cerebral again.

I went out to get some lunch. I saw a sale at Ann Taylor. I waded through the sale racks and debated and did math and finally felt my blood sugar plummet and realized I had to go. So I wandered out still considering the purchase options while listening to a song of C-ann's that I might ask for permission to sing.

People? I walked into the glass door.

No, really, not like I got really close and pulled back, lightly grazing my knuckles on the handle. I whapped my head into that door like I was auditioning for the WWF. Almost cracked my glasses, and am spending the afternoon wondering if people are staring and if there's a lump rising quickly and blackening my forehead.

How's that for comedy?

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  1. Sounds quite a bit like that scene in Friends with Money. Have you seen that movie? I love it more than is reasonable. It's not particularly funny or lighthearted. But it makes me laugh and cry and feel better about the world. If only because I'm not alone in it.

    P.S. I've recently wandered over to your blog from the Women's Colony. A terrible job and a bad headspace have combined to force me to comb through your archives. The headspace is improving and the job won't be forever...you must be a good antidote.