Saturday, August 20, 2005

I just can't give you time to miss me

I'll be here today.

And then I'll be sitting at a table like this.

And then I will be sleeping very soundly after all the fun we've been having over the last few days. Hope you're having fun, too!


  1. Are those hard-boiled eggs floating in a dish of water? I miss you anyway.

  2. kath; HAHAHAHAHAHA!! That's what *I* thought, too!! I'm so glad I wasn't the only one; I had to burn a couple of calories figuring out that they are candles!

  3. Whoops, should have posted the blue ones. I'd been looking at them all day so I didn't notice how they look EXACTLY like eggs. The table dressings WERE interactive but they did not include egg dyeing.

  4. Anonymous9:13 PM

    I've been catching up on your blog. After working 3 nights straight till about 10 PM, I cam home at 6. Didn't exercise. Exercise? What's that? I didn't work on my holiday shopping or holiday projects - I'll pay for that later. I started in your blog back where I left off in April and have been reading ever since. It's 9:10 PM. I read your heart wrenching line about suck-y health insurance. Then read the comments about eggs floating in water and laughed my ass off.

    BTW, your blog is a joy - a well-written, humorous, serious, silly, incredible joy - just like it's author.

  5. Dear T,

    Glad you got a laugh out of it and I'm so flattered by your committment to reading this baby like a novel! Sorry it's keeping you away from Christmas but I'm glad you're checking it out. It turns out I talked about you a lot this summer. In solidarity I have spent my evening trolling the archives from April to now and replying to all your comments.

    It was a good wedding with pretty centerpieces even if they didn't include floating eggs. :) It's the angle of my shots that caused the egginess I think, not the actual candles. And I do have a shot of the blue ones and the green ones, too.

  6. Anonymous11:40 PM

    No, I think it's GREAT that people thought they were eggs. Very funny!