Sunday, August 21, 2005

This week: Someone turns 95

Auntie Blanche turns 95 this Tuesday. There are celebrations planned. I'm very much looking forward to seeing her and to essentially bathing in lobster with her. I've also got many things planned for the show I'm marketing to high schools. Keep your fingers crossed for good things to happen on that front. I'd really like to close the deal on some of these prospects so I can feel as though I'm making some progress.

Again I'll be in the land of (mostly) dial up and I've got a pretty full schedule. I'll have a good chunk of drive time to create blog entries but I probably won't have time or the ability to post them. To make up for that I give you some pictures. See you next weekend!

The hard core New England meeting house that holds the roots of all my mother's crazy family. It's in Stetson, ME. If you think this is small town I'll post a picture of their "office building" later.

The House Hippo, gone but not forgotten. We hope he's living in a house where the walks, the belly rubs and the hamburger are all plentiful.

Just a bug, not a Joss Whedon masterpiece.

Old man B, the dog Emily is currently displacing from the pictured couch until she comes home with me on Saturday.

So easy to tell that this is where they keep the crazy people. Well, those of us they can catch.

Last but not least, 2 of my cohabitants in a rare and glorious moment of repose.

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