Monday, October 31, 2005

The slobbering hoards

The slobbering hoards are chomping at my ankles for pictures. Now, I'll have you know that the vast majority of individuals who make up said hoards have made fun of me or even reprimanded me for humiliating my dog in this fashion. Apparently the message is, "You shouldn't do this, but if you do I totally want to see and don't be dilly dallying." I have had no less than 3 requests for pictures of the event. I am duly flattered and a little embarrassed. I don't have a bunch of pics of the greatest costumes. As soon as PUPS posts more pics I'll send you over there for the full on show. Two words, people: Flying. Monkey.

In the mean time here's what I've got.

The FABULOUS Emcee of the event, Justine. (I'm a little bit in love with her, please don't tell.)

Oh, wait, the event, if you don't know, is The Great Pupkin. It is brainchild of Kath. Apparently if you make enough costumes for country music singers and then move north of the Mason-Dixon you have to exorcise your demons somehow.

Here be an uncostumed Great Dane. I just thought he was cool.

This is the combo that should have gotten at least an honorable mention and were totally robbed by someone who put a t-shirt and a ball cap on their dog and called him Derek Jeter. Teddy's girl sewed, people. She taught me how to weave a paper basket and then insisted that I get a piece of cloth from her notions basket to cover the imaginary offering to Grandma. At the last minute she "poofed" the cap with tissues. We got love from the organizers, the spectators, random people walking by - everyone but the judges. I give you Little Red Riding Hood and Grandma (or is it?).

Truly, Teddy's girl had a red cape. I used my knowledge of past pupkins to steer her from oft-used cape costumes and came up with a caped concept. Oh I also bought the nightie for Grandma. All the heavy lifting was done by Teddy's Girl. She had a vision and she made it come true. It was awesome.

Here's the close up of Teddy as the Wolf in drag. It's the only one I think where he's wearing the spectacles. He has spectacles, dear readers. The girl made him spectacles and he wore them. Come on!

For the grand finale I give you what, in my biased opinion, is the cutest dog ever seen.


  1. I was waiting to see what you did this year for Halloween. My coworker went and was telling me about an amazing black dog with wings. Is this the flying monkey you're talking about?
    Great costumes..

  2. Does your co-worker happen to have a picture of the flying monkey, 'cause he was the only one with wings this year? Well, feathered wings, we had plenty of fairy type wings this year. I need a picture of the flying monkey and couldn't get one.