Wednesday, November 16, 2005

All I Want for Christmas*

I've been trying to get my act together for Christmas, get everything ready early so when I completely lose my steam I won't have shafted anyone and feel even worse. But, doing all this shopping makes me think about what I want for Christmas. Since I've been so adamant about this being my little corner of the internet I figured I'd post my Christmas list right here.

1. World Peace, natch
2. End to world hunger, of course
3. Brand new US governmental regime (extra points if it's wrapped with a new Governor and a confirmable Supreme Court nominee that I don't want to kick in the junk)
4. Cure for cancer
5. Cure for AIDS
6. Joaquin Phoenix (if this brand is not available I would be perfectly happy with James Marsters, Joshua Jackson, George Clooney, Tim Roth, Dean Winters, Scott Patterson, John Cusack...)
7. CDs of every musical known to man (specifically Les Mis, Fiddler, Kiss Me Kate, Barnum, Jesus Christ Superstar, Chicago, Guys & Dolls...)
8. DVDs (All seasons of the Gilmores, At least seasons 3&4 of Dawson's Creek, Connie & Carla, Thelma & Louise, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead...)
9. Theatre tickets
10. New electrical work so I can actually see in my closets and turn on a light in my bedroom without breaking a toe
11. Life insurance
12. Long term care insurance
13. A lifetime supply of all-you-can-ride metro cards
14. Trip to Europe (see also: UK, Canada, Central America, Asia)
15. One full day of handyperson work in my house hanging pictures, making and hanging shelves, replacing light bulbs in very high places etc.
16. Oh, yeah, National Health Care
17. A brand new wardrobe
18. A subscription to Weight Watchers on line
19. A full production of my play, Like the Moon, at the Ohio Theatre
20. To be kissed by a boy that I like (I don't have a specific boy in mind it's just a requirement that I like him that way)
21. A vacation in a pretty house on a beach that is warm
22. Funds, and support to record a CD of me singing
23. TiVo
24. A new couch
25. A month in the country (no, really, I'm not kidding and not this kind)
26. Eh, while we're dreaming I want one of those plasma TVs that hangs on my wall
27. A humidifier that makes my home into a tropical rainforest without any maintenance or filling at all...ever
28. New dress boots
29. New rain boots
30. Good speakers for my iPod
31. A huge part where all my friends come and we eat cool food and listen to cool music, some of it live and we drink champagne and we talk and laugh and make speeches and feel better

*This is in no way a request for these items, it's just for fun..except the World Peace thing, if you know how to do that then I'm asking, nay demanding, that you get right on it.


  1. I can help with that last one!

  2. Anonymous8:24 PM

    I could help with the handy man.