Saturday, December 31, 2005

Great idea clarification

I think I wasn't totally clear about the whole Great Idea Receptacle thing. Well, that's not true, I think what I really did was assume that everyone who reads this knows me.


How cool is that?

Sorry, still getting used to the fun facts of the internet.

So, for those who don't know me and the hoo ha I choose to ineptly juggle in my regular life I have to say that the Great Idea Receptacle is for stuff that's not currently in the pipeline.

For the record, a list (possibly incomplete, my memory is a little odd) of things currently in the pipeline:

1. Susanna Shakespeare

2. A public reading of the Chekhov play to take place in the next 2 months, already cast, having its second rehearsal a week from today...which means I really should have secured a space in which to rehearse by now.

3. Getting and keeping my house clean and organized. I live like a frat boy. No, really. Just ask Alex. Mostly I'm OK with that but I think I'd be healthier and smarter and better off if I could keep from living in something that resembles the trash compactor scene from Star Wars.

4. Losing weight. Or at least getting more movement and exercise in my life. I'm heavier than I've ever been. If I talk to a good looking guy there comes a point when part of my brain says, "You can quit, it's not going anywhere, have you looked at yourself lately?" And I know it's a stupid part of my brain but it's not without a point. I don't have enough money for bigger clothes and I don't like looking at myself so that's silly, I'd like to not be embarrassed when I'm alone looking in the mirror again.

5. This blog and the other one.

6. Fixing my finances so I understand where the damn cash goes and can corral it in some way.

7. Decorating my house, I mean, I've lived here three years (yeah, I missed the three year anniversary post, oops) and I don't have pictures on the walls or enough book shelves or an overhead light in my bedroom.

I think that's it for the moment, although there's always something going on. There are babies being born in my circle of friends and I'd like to cross stitch some bibs for them and stuff like that.

Oh, and yes, I am going out for part of the evening on this the eve of the new year. I've been lucky enough to have been invited to 2 gatherings. I historically dislike new year's gatherings, no reflection on the gatherings just that it's weird to be single and at one and it doesn't end as nicely as it does in When Harry Met Sally. But, I felt pathetic saying no just to sit at home and suckle a bottle of bubbly so I'm going to go for a bit and probably be home in time to soothe the dog who tends to wig out when the fireworks start.

How are you spending your new year's eve? And what about the year to follow?