Monday, December 12, 2005

I am spoiled

Two things happened after I posted my last list of stuff I wanted. First, people got me stuff. I have 2 offers of help with the handyman stuff, a new can opener and a new timer. Clearly I am so very spoiled. Also grateful, extremely grateful.

Second thing is that I spent a day deep in the suburbs with Pony Express doing holiday shopping. (Yeah, I said it O'Reilly, HOLIDAY, suck me!) I'm serious people, deep in the suburbs, there was an incident with a jug handle and we almost didn't get out. Brrrr! I'm still a little scared. Of course, the problem with going out and shopping is that you see so much stuff that you, yourself, need. I was good, I got some candles and some candle coasters, a pen and a couple of drinking glasses and that was about for me. But I did come home with a list.

1. Wooden toast tongs (not the $18 ones I saw at Williams Sonoma because I think that's a stupid amount of money for tongs, even if does keep you from getting electrocuted)
2. Music, so much music Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, John Prine, Hank Williams, Harry Connick Jr., Patty Griffin (except Flaming Red, which I have)
3. A goddamned pair of flat black fucking shoes that are comfortable and not stupid looking on my big feet that I can wear to work and not feel like a dick
4. Pretty sage green patterned fabric to make doorway curtains for my kitchen and entryway
5. A new Parker fountain pen since mine leaks all the time
6. An evergreen wreath
7. A trip to somewhere that's warmer than here
8. Did I mention a ton of movies, Kramer vs. Kramer, Bring It On, A River Runs Through It, A Little Romance...
9. Like, every book ever written practically
10. Every shade of of Burt's Bees lip balm/lipstick stuff
11. A bunch of this cool rubber sheeting stuff from the VT Country Store (and yes, I think you're right, my prediliction for recording even shit like this in a public forum probably is why I'm not getting a lot of dates)
12. A pretty billowy cotton nightgown
13. That table that's in my dad's storage space
14. A nice key hook rack thingamajig, something pretty and not weird but kinda cool

OK, I'm out, although I'm sure there's a ton more. Kitchen Aid mixer? Bread pans? Proper rolling pin made out of something other than plastic?


  1. But wait! Plastic illustrates the human creativity of science, according to Nobel laureate chemist Roald Hoffman*! Anyone can do wood!


  2. let me know if you come up with the decent black flat shoes....I need some too!

  3. Anonymous5:00 PM

    I know you know this already, and they may not be your "thang", but I'm in love with these...