Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Strike Force

So, yeah, there's a transit strike here in NYC. This makes 2 terrorist attacks, 1 blackout and 1 transit strike since I've lived here.

More on my thoughts about this full on bout of idiocy later but before I head out I thought I'd give you a quick idea of my day.

12:01am Wake up and check for news. No strike.

4:45am Wake up and check for news. Strike is on.

4:45 - 5:40: Lie in bed thinking through the plan for my day over and over and over and over.

5:40 Get up, walk dog, shower, dress, pack provisions.

6:37 Call from Pony Express, she gets hot beverages, I get my stuff together and meet her on the street

6:37 - 7:33 In her car we pick up three other people from her place of work within a 5 mile radius in Brooklyn and head over the Manhattan Bridge into the city. Traffic is surprisingly light, we do a small amount of maneuvering so we cover as little of Flatbush Avenue as possible but it's pretty smooth sailing.

7:33 They drop me at 17th & Park

7:33 - 8:03 I walk up to work on Third in the 50s.

I've worked today as hard as I can to clear my desk because, as fun as it was, I'm not doing it again. I've had my adventure, I'm not needed in the office so I'm not going to clutter the streets with my presence. The plan for the rest of the day is as follows:

3:00pm Leave office, check in with car rental place to see what my options are for actually getting my rental car tomorrow to go north for the holidays. Post office for Christmas presents. Walk to Chelsea Market

5:00 Meet Pony Express

5:00 - ??? Sit in car and giggle and fume and discuss until we get home.

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