Monday, February 06, 2006

Great Idea Receptacle Part 3

1. To get together a joint cabaret evening with Julie. Get me back on stage and get her out there doing more of her solo stuff.

2. Ages ago Julie and I talked about doing presentation workshops with corporate clients. That's still a good idea. I'm not entirely sure why we never did it.

3. There was one here that didn't have to do with Julie but I can't think what it was. Oh! Yes! A teen magazine that's somewhere between Cricket and Harper's. Fiction and non-fiction for, by, about, with teens. Something without the strength of focus on appearance and purchasing.

4. And I'm pretty sure there's another one, too, but I'm damned if I can think of it. Three is enough. Hell one is enough, I just happened to have 3.


  1. I would so completely support your teen magazine idea. Would you be interested in getting submissions for publication?

  2. What "s" said. I live with potential subscribers, one of whom wants to write and has the requisite inability to do math.

  3. And what an inspiration the possibility of being published would be to reluctant teen writers! Hell, for non-reluctant writers, too! The English teacher in me is excited by the very thought!

  4. I'm more than happy to take submissions. Let's just all be clear that I can't guarantee a publication date since I have a couple of other irons in the bank account, I mean, fire.

    Submit via this e-mail: isabeau6athotmaildotcom.

    Thanks for being so excited about this, it does sound like fun.

  5. Anonymous9:18 PM

    I've heard good things about Teen Voices ( They have a website, as well as a paper magazine you can subscribe to. It's aimed at teen girls (by, for, and about them - they're feminist and they're tagline is "because you're more than just a pretty face") It may give you some ideas for your mag.