Friday, February 17, 2006

Picture Pages

I've had a bunch of pictures piling up that I meant to post and write witty things about. Today I decided that you don't need witty things, you'll enjoy the pictures nude.


  1. They do look like a writing assignment when you line them up.~,:^)

  2. Ah! And I noticed that Capote has returned to the 'burbs, this time to the more Capote-friendly Montclair where it might stay more than two days. I'm going in. Wish me luck.

    [And I want you to appreciate the restraint I've shown by not taking on the photo writing assignment, given the ease with which one could leverage Little Red Riding Hood. Clearly you are going for a more subtle American form of Manga.]

  3. Are both the couch dogs yours, by the way? The one from "snow day," which I assume is yours, is really beautiful.

  4. Hit me with the writing assignment, I'd love to hear what you see there.

    Do tell about Capote. I've seen Brokeback and The Squid and the Whale but I still haven't managed to get to Capote.

    Stay tuned for more on that other dog.

  5. All right, here goes:

    Ol’ Gyp and Kibbles were hunkered down for a weekend “Curb Your Enthusiasm” marathon, having rented seasons 1 through 4 at the local Blockbuster. They picked up a cheap Pino Grigio at the Pack-O-Liquor across the street on the way home.

    Not everyone was quite so snug and comfy, however. Certainly not their little friend Goldilocks, who was at that very moment in the clutches of a very slick elf at the Train and Space Museum of the City of New York. The elf took her to see “The Boss.”

    All Goldie could think of on the lap of the unctuous big red elf was that close call her older sister Red had one time with a wolf that did a very convincing “Grandma” imitation. Red’s no fool, however, and the wolf proved no match. Red floored the wolf, full Nelson style, on the hardwood floor. The wolf cried “Uncle” and showed its true wolf-like colors. It happened at Christmastime, Goldie was thinking, just as Boss Elf, who asked a whole lot of questions (was this guy writing a book?—he kinda looked like Tolstoy) started babbling about Christmas himself. Goldie floored him, full Nelson style [Kizz, there might be a missing photo at this point], just like sis used to do to wolves.

    Nor, as it turns out, were Gyp and Kibbles the only ones hunkered down for fifteen straight hours of kvetching Los Angeles angst and nothingness on DVD...

  6. Kizz—In case you noticed, I erased my invitation to play FWL yesterday. This is because I planned to send the three finalists to your photos for a run-off. I would have asked your permission first. Then I decided that such a run-off would be a dumb idea, and that Mrs. Chili’s literary post yesterday justifies making her the winner. I warned you this would happen~,:^)
    I think I'll find another place on your site to post comments now.