Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Fairy Tale Endings

I'm watching One Tree Hill. And, you know, I might be done apologizing for that. I'm watching because it's fairy tales and romance and happy endings.

As you know, this weekend I performed in a couple of nursing homes. Nursing homes that are now home to a couple of women I love very much.

This afternoon I got a thank you note from one of the ladies I met Saturday afternoon. It goes like this:

Dear Miss Shakespeare,

We certainly learned a lot about your suffering, trying to become an independent daughter of your parents, Mr. & Mrs. William Shakespeare. And we're glad you succeeded. We wish we could have been at the Globe Theater with you to explain what the actors were saying and expressing.

I think each of us felt that she had her independence happily in the 20th century.

Thank you very much for transporting us back to the 16th century. We hope you'll find time to revisit and teach us much more.

Best wishes and good luck to you from all of us.

A___ R_____, scribe

"I think each of us felt that she had her independence happily in the 20th century."

They aren't getting much of a happily ever after.

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  1. Reading this I'm reminded of friends' mothers, my mother and aunts. Great aunts. They are...wonderful to talk to and so appreciative when you share your life with them. The old guys are generally a little less forthcoming. I wonder what our generation will be like in 40 years.

    On those foto links, I just kinda figured it out--you click on them, they go gray, and then you hit the link button as you would for highlighted text.