Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Like a rock star!

Before I begin, today is ChemE's birthday. She opened her presents yesterday, despite my best efforts to keep her from doing so. That in itself was probably the best part of her present. I just talked to her and she had a decent day. Chocolate, good food, flowers, the music I sent her. Some year I will manage to live up to the way she celebrates my birthday but I guess this was not that year. In the meantime I send her all the best birthday wishes and hope that this year craks wide open for her...in a good way.

So, last Wednesday I left the NYC to go on tour, just like a rock star. OK, so not so much like a rock star as like a 10th tier educational theatre company but whatever. I hear the "you never carry your own bags in the show".

I'm still in serious recovery mode so I'll just outline the schedule to give you an idea of what I've been doing for the past week.


Get up early
Go to Floor Barre
Pick up rental car
Drive home
Eat lunch
Pack car with stuff and neurotic dog
Drive north
see car accident
see car accident
Contemplate how crappy my ears feel
see car accident
see car accident
Arrive at Dad's 2 full hours after I expected to
Drop off dog while hiding from dad's bronchitis germs
Drive further north
Realize I've forgotten the one actual set piece for my show
Call PapaKizz who agrees to get a replacement
Visit with the Bees, collapse gratefully on the couch and sleep


Get up REALLY early for my turn in the shower (4 family members, 1 guest, 1 bathroom)
Eat breakfast
Go to the high school
Meet up with Chili (with help from King Bee)
Teach 90 minute intro to Shakespeare to college-bound high school sophomores
Love that
Go to lunch with Chili & ProfDoc
Willfully fail to get ears looked at
Meet Queen Bee
Get eyebrows waxed for the first time ever
Back home to the Bees'


Get up
Observe King Bee's class
See school nurse about ears
Hear a very calm assessment of why I might just want to consider going to the ER (I learned later that she was downplaying it)
Spend 90 minutes in the ER
Get diagnosed with a double ear infection
Drop of prescription
Pick up Queen Bee
Pick out sock yarn
Have yummy lunch
Back to pharmacy - no luck
Go to PO to send birthday gifts, Gilmore Girls tapes and a very pretty outfit for Alita
Cancel plans to meet with big honcho in NH theatre who, many years ago, taught me mimi (yes I am/was a mime, you learn something creepy about me every day don't you?)
Back to pharmacy - huzzah!
Free wireless internet
Crawl into bed
Stay there for the duration of the evening
Am later joined by the Bees, we eat and watch Weatherman and Capote (Vanx, I saw Capote! More on that later for sure)


Up sorta early
Breakfast, meds, yogurt, cranberry juice
Head to County nursing home
Meet a bunch of oldsters
Perform my show for them (a couple of sleepers, one yeller, and a lot of good response)
To the strip mall for errands with Queen Bee and MamaKizz
Back to the house briefly
To small, local all chick bursing home
Perform in small room for a group of about 15 old broads, MamaKizz, Grammy Charlene, Mrs. X, Chili, Peanut Chili and Bean Chili
Sing along with the ladies
Home to rest briefly
Pick up Auntie Blanche
Drive to Newick's for dinner - YUM!
Drive Auntie Blanche home
Visit and look at cool pictures (NEED. SCANNER.)
Back to the Bees'
Watch Wedding Crashers - hee.
Sleep gratefully


Sleep in (9:15am)
Dunkin' Donuts - mmm mmm good
See Blondie Girl play field hockey, she's doing really well, it's so much fun to see her play
Pick up Joe the Barber
Tour 3 separate beauty supply stores and buy all the things that will make me so stunning that I won't be able to post a picture of me on the internet for fear of starting a riot
Dinner and visit with The Xs. Always so much fun. MamaKizz came, too.
Back home
Watch the last half of Brokeback Mountain and discuss (I still stand that it's a great story, beautifully told)


Eat more yogurt
Drink more cranberry juice
Delight in the wonder of antibiotics and their side effects
Wake The Athlete to say goodbye, he actually wakes up
Goodbye to the Bees
Drive south to MA
Meet PapaKizz
Drive to one campus
Perform for about 250 high school and college students
Drive to other campus
Find food
Take antibiotics
Perform for 150 college students
Collect check (yippee!)
Collect cool poster the college made for me
Collect dog
Drive south
Eat McDonald's because I am weak
Sleep in parking lot because I am bushed
Drive south
Take weird little Queens Boulevard detour because I'm almost out of gas
Get home
Drive around the neighborhood calling friends for help, looking for parking spot near house, no dice
2 longish trips to get stuff and pet into house
1 half hour session of pet hair removal on rental car to avoid getting extra charge
Collapse on couch

I was going to put links on this but I'm too tired still, sorry.
Ditto proofreading.
Ditto picture.
Ditto formatting.

Some more details later. The ears are better but for sure not cured and I'm starting to have low level panic that they won't be cured with this round of meds.

Back to work tomorrow. Could be ugly since we moved desks while I was away and both guys might come in. So I have to hit the ground running.

Thanks for the comments and good wishes!

P.S. Though I'm not the type to often wish such a thing, who can pick out the points in this outline where I wish I had a partner?


  1. This is very funny. It's a pleasure to read notes that make sense for a change (unlike the notes on the pile of yellow pads on my desk). And you were right to get the car accidents out of the way on the first day.

    Sounds like, other than for being sick, you had a good tour.

    Here are the two times you wish you had a partner: “2 longish trips to get stuff and pet into house.” Am I right?

    And, yes, I did work at 888 from 1992 to 2000. On the 26th floor~,:^)

  2. Yeah, those were 2 of the times. There were a bunch of others, like all that driving, but those last 2, the being able to make it all in one trip, really irked me.