Friday, April 21, 2006

Update from the front

Am sitting in grocery store "cafe". Only place in town with free wireless access.

Cannot figure out how to send e-mail. Sending this missive out as message in bottle.

Taught fabulous class with/for Chili yesterday.

Have 2 shows at area nursing homes tomorrow.

Visit Mrs. X on Sun.

2 shows in MA on Mon.

Have double ear infection. Spent most of morning in ER. Last doctor I had in this town either retired, died or both.

Back in beloved Brooklyn (happy, satisfied, and grateful to all who made this trip possible, natch) Mon night should all go well.


P.S. Do you know how much GAS costs these days?

P.P.S. Am purchasing cranberry juice and yogurt and hoping for the best with antibiotics.


  1. Good grief! So sorry about the ears. That's really awful! Good about all the shows and teaching, though. Hang in there...Christa

  2. If it's not a transit strike, it's an energy crisis. Who's gonna go to jail for this one? George W. Bush?

    Tell us more about your time with/for Chili. Good luck with the shows.

    And shake that ear thing! Ouch!

  3. Damn, ear infections are PAINFUL. Hope you get over this soon. I have some good painkillers if you need 'em.