Tuesday, May 02, 2006

"Pivotal self care"

I have identified the 3 things I want to be sure to do for myself this week. As you already know if you've talked to me in the last 48 hours I don't feel good. "I feel crappy." "I feel shitty." "I'm sick (and tired)." "I feel like shit." "I don't feel good, not good at all." "I'm not good and I'm cranky, it's making me cranky." "I'm sick of being sick!" "I'm still not cured." etc., etc., ad nauseum. Literally.

Someone, in much kinder, sweeter words, reminded me last night to practice what I preach. I know that I am, while not ancient, old, older than I have been previously. I am fond of telling my friends that as we age it takes us longer to heal and we have to give ourselves the room and time to do just that. I'm not entirely certain why they haven't blackened my eyes early and often when I spout that shit 'cause true or not it SUCKS 12 INCH DONKEY DICK!

My 3 things that I am promising myself/giving myself permission for/forcing myself to do are:
1. Sleep
2. Eat healthy food
3. Have/get/clean apartment

That second part is tricky since I have pretty much no food in the house. So I extended it to a lack of guilt over ordering out. And on the way home I also stopped in at the deli and spent $7 on a litre of cranberry juice and a pint of ice cream. Then I ordered in Thai food.

This whole taking care of yourself thing is pretty good. I've had 4 spring rolls and a bowl of curry over rice and whenever I'm ready I can have ice cream.

For next week perhaps I'll have figured out how to rig up a homemade cranberry juice IV, 'cause my taste buds are going to rebel any second.

Good food and good rest aside, guys, this sucks, 'cause you know what? I'm still sick.


  1. I SO hear you, Sweet. I know - I was kind of where you are a month or so ago. I thought I was going to die and I wasn't getting ANY love from the health care system (did I ever thank you for listening to me complain for so long about that? Thanks.)

    I wish there were more I could do than just listen to you, but since that's pretty much all I can do, well, there you have it. Let me know if you need anything else - I can remind you to take it easy every once in a while because, well, we're not spring chickens anymore...

  2. Have you noticed that there is a wheelchair symbol by the word verification on blogger comments? Obviously we must be constantly reminded that we are becoming decrepit. I have about 10 years on you, by the way. All I want to do is sleep, except that I know I'll have that dream again with the man at the door in the bowler hat saying "Time, gentlemen, please!"
    Get well, Kizz!

  3. Thanks, now I'm going to have fever dreams about death in a bowler hat pushing Guiness on me.