Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Striking similarities

My student loan 10-day payoff is very close to the amount of my recently deposited tax refund.

My student loan interest rate is very close to the interest rate of my savings account.

I am able to and I want to pay this baby off right now.

Why am I scared to push the button?


  1. Heh. This post inspired me to check on my OWN student loan. It seems that my bank has been dutifully paying off a PAID OFF LOAN!!

    I'm amazed by the coincidence of my finishing my Master's degree at damned near the exact moment that I pay off the loans from my undergrad degree.

  2. Wait, wait, wait! You've been paying the student loan people MORE than you owe them?!?!? Can you get this money back?

  3. Yes - the money will be coming back to me one way or the other. I'm still not exactly sure how, but I'll see to it that the money comes back.

    My problem, though, is that my bank is going to process the next (unnecessary) payment in a couple of days. Because it's "in progress," I can't stop the payment.

    I had a TERRIBLE customer service experience about this very question this morning - I was connected to Bombay or some similar place where a girl with an American name and precious little command of the English language offered, very unhelpfully, that I ask the bank to stop payment on the next installment. I explained to her that it was too late to do that, that it was already on its way to the loan company and would the payment be rejected or refunded? This was a question the poor girl couldn't get her head around, so I gave up and tried the email route. I got slightly less help that way.

    Regardless, I'll figure out how to get my money back at some point. I'm just thrilled that I'm done paying - it snuck on me! I'm thinking of opening up a savings account and just diverting the monthly installment that way, kind of like my own personal christmas club (remember christmas clubs?).

  4. Wow! I'm jealous. I will SOOOO be paying off my student loans until I'm 103. F*&@-ing private liberal arts education! And with the M.A. on top of it, I'll never be debt free. That's all right. At least I'm smart on paper. That counts for something, right? Right??!

  5. pay it honey. PAY IT OFF! I was an amazing day of feeling grown up and fabulous the day I paid mine off. . . needless to say, that feeling of being grown up went away as soon as I peed on myself a little bit from jumping up and down so much.
    aaaaaaaand flop.

  6. Ahh! Mizz Kizzz. Zee anzwer iz opviouz. You define yourzelf az a debtor, und zo, ven you "push da button" your exiztence vill loose all meaning. Life vill become abzurd. Ja?~,:^)

  7. But seriously, folks. Pay it off. Debt is going to be a big problem for most of us in the years ahead, I fear. If you can push the button, do it! (but it will feel kind of weird)

  8. Vell, vhat vas da werdict?