Thursday, June 01, 2006

It's your birthday!

It's Pumpkin Chili's birthday today! I'm late in wishing her a happy happy day.

This picture was on a day in April when she came and saw my show and made friends with this fun lady who taught her to play a tune on the piano. What I loved most about it was that PC played the song once and you could tell by her face that she didn't feel like it had gone well. She didn't slink away, though, she sat there stewing a little and the lady asked if she'd like to try again. That was exactly what PC was waiting for and the second time she was smashing, perfect, I thought! She's got sticktoitiveness, I admire that.

A big hug and kiss to the girl, I can't believe I've known her for over 8 of her years!

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