Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Still here...ish

I'm still here, I'm just sickly. So I don't feel like doing anything except whining about being sickly. I will try to refrain from the whining and give you a couple of quick shots to hold you over until my brain defuzzes.

My iPod won't turn off. Better than not turning on yet still not particularly useful. I'm going to let the battery drain completely (like I have any choice), recharge and see what happens then. All the buttons work for their other intended purposes. It irks me, though, since the Pod isn't even a year old!

I really enjoy Sars. I haven't jumped on the bandwagon with her fiction but her essays just crack me up. This week's is no exception, and she beautifully expresses my own dislike of camping, too. "Nature can eat you. Nature wants to eat you."

I want these. And I might fashion tin foil bracelets to go with them. Tales of lassoing the criminal element of Brooklyn will surely be forthcoming.

When my dad called me on Sunday morning to tell me my flash presentation sucked I might have been a more effective communicator. Instead of yelling, "It's. Just. Not. Worth. Spending. ANY MORE! MONEY!!!!!" I might have gone with, "You know I don't think a lot of people are going to get use out of this." Or, "You know, I'm not somewhere I can talk about this right now." Or even, heaven forfend, the brutal truth, "I actually chose the quotes and the pictures for that presentation, not the woman who put it together, so, when you're telling me how badly she sucks you're actually telling me how badly I suck. Could you not, you know, do that please?" Yeah, but I'm not a terribly effective communicator, at least not verbally. Everyone should really just write to me, I'm much better that way.

Write to me. Leave a comment. It will heal me.


  1. I miss you....check out my blog for a laugh today...feel better. I dont think you suck at ALL.

  2. You definitely do not suck.

    {big hug}

    If it helps at all, I know how you feel. Lingering sickness makes the whole world icky. Just tell people with problems or challenges to come back later, when your get your immunity back. Seriously, I hope you feel better soon.

    Less than a year old means it's still under warranty, right? A friend of mine who had iPod problems at 1 year took hers to the store and they replaced it.


  3. Anonymous8:30 AM

    You do not suck! The choices were great! BUT the visual presentation was not effective because whoever put it together was not able to make it flow. Jim B can fix that part we believe. Love you, Dad

  4. Anonymous10:36 AM

    Okay your dad left you a comment. That is too sweet.
    I feel you on the sickness thing. I have a cold that won't quit. Last time I checked it was spring, nearing the end of June, what the hell am I doing with a cold????
    I say get the Wonder Woman set and that will make things all better. And Zora is right if the Pod is under a year you're in the clear..