Sunday, July 30, 2006

Not my call

The dog called our walk this morning on account of heat.

On days like today when we don't have anything in particular that needs doing I usually do my best to let her lead the way. Unless we're about to run into a car or another dog or someone who's scared of dogs she gets to pick her pace and destination.

So, we head out on our usual route toward the park. She bails two and a half blocks later to walk down Pony Express' street. We get a block and a half down that street, directly across from Pony Express' building and she crosses the street, bypasses the building and heads back toward home. She even tried to go in the secret short cut we get to use when the maintenance guys have it open.

I always try to keep her out for at least an hour. I mean, she needs the exercise and the fresh air, right? Better to listen to the being you're trying to benefit I guess. We were out a grand total of 25 minutes.

What I'm saying here is, it's hot.


  1. I am totally with the dog. tried to hang at the purple pool for the afternoon. didn't make it out till 2, home by 5. flop. WAY too hot.

  2. And it's going to get hotter, by the sounds of it. Wednesday is supposed to be in the "mid to upper nineties" in my neighborhood. Ooof.

    Time for some ice cream, I say.