Sunday, July 09, 2006

Oh my rosy future

My great aunt is 91 years old. Lifelong single woman, teacher of home economics.

A couple of months ago she acquired a gentleman caller. He's a nice old guy, apparently his wife died and he has no culinary skills. (Listen up gentlemen, retain your cooking skills!) So he asked if she might cook for him. He brings food, she cooks it up, they eat, he helps with heavy lifting, he occasionally drives her to the doctor.

I just wanted to share with you a few choice remarks she made the other day when we talked about him.

"I told him once every other week. I don't want to be bothered more than that."

"I can't be bothered but if John and Nadine are at camp it'd be good to have someone who could take me to the doctor if I can't drive so I tell him it's OK to come again."

"I told him not to bring so much. He brings strawberries from the hill up there and corn. It's too much."

"He asked if he could hug me and I said no, I don't want any of that. We can swap ideas and that's fine, that's just plenty."

Swap ideas?

She has, however, conceded to teach him how to make French Toast. I suspect she would have refused but she was afraid he'd ask to come over for breakfast.

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  1. Swap ideas is euphamisim for what exactly???? I love that woman. Truly. and why is it that we always talk about of both sides of our mouth, one side saying too much and don't. the other side saying, that'd be fine and come one's no wonder we're all ass deep in crazy.