Monday, August 21, 2006


I'm back and Brooklyn has rewarded me with strangeness to make me happy and comfortable again.

I returned the Adventure Van and dropped off the donation stuff and I was walking down a street that I don't go down very often and a beefy black guy leans in as he passes me and says, "Snow White." I, of course, get indignant and think, "Yes, we're on a street that's between the Goodwill and the Salvation Army in downtown Brooklyn and I'm not exactly in the majority here but I can see at other white chick." Half an hour later I'm in the chinese food store and I catch a glimpse of myself in the wall mirror. Oh my god, I'm not Snow White I'm So White, I'm the prototype color for paste, I'm the stand in for that guy in Powder. I need to buy a pair of shorts and go out of the house once in a while. Damn!

A few hours later I'm walking my dog (not pictured*) and a 9 ish year old boy says, "What are you looking for?" I'm walking the dog, I have in fact just picked up some dog poop, I'm not looking for anything, I found it and while I'm not thrilled I do feel the pride of civic duty well done. Then I realize, Emily is a German Shepherd...ish. So I guess that's what he thinks all people walking German Shepherds are doing, looking for stuff. I'm not sure what agency he thought I worked for in my crisp uniform of sneakers, sweat socks, jeans skirt, pit stained tee and flyaway hair but he was sufficiently suspicious of my, "We're not looking for anything, just sniffing." that he followed me at a safe distance for a whole block.

Home again where just when I think I'm the weird one someone obliges me by showing me a new dimension of odd. It's great to be back.


*It's a picture of Macy, dad's new greyhound. More on her later.

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  1. Ok, email me and tell me about the weekend, your icky ears, and all that the visit with dad entailed. Glad you're back. Go get some sun you freakin ghost...xoxo