Saturday, August 05, 2006


Oh blogger photo why have thou forsaken me? Well, me and everyone else. A lot of people have had trouble posting pics off and on for a couple of months. So, I guess you'll just have to wait for the incredibly cute pictures I was going to post.

If I'm not back I've been suffocated under a metric ton (tonne?) of feline flesh. I decided that Pony Express' cats should come live here for a bit to beat last week's heat. I was worried about the Max cat and the weather was simply brutal. Max and Pinto are gloriously affectionate. That makes my two desperately envious. The competition is ramping up and I am the prize.

I believe it as the Everly Brothers who said, Love Hurts.


  1. Blogger is pissing me off, even now!

  2. Just lurking here, but I wanted to throw in that whenever I have trouble w/blogger photo, I just go back to edit one o fmy old posts w/a picture in it, and the code shows up. I copy and paste it into my new entry, and then there are two places where I just plug in the new photo number. It works (generally) pretty well!


  3. Teachermom, thanks for the heads up. I'm scared of manipulating code like that but trying to brave the waters and have practice make perfect. Thanks for the instruction, I wouldn't have thought of that. And thanks for delurking too!