Wednesday, August 16, 2006

If it's any indication...

Did you know that another name for the blinker on your car is Indicator Light? Well...huh.

If you'd asked me to come up with an alternative to "blinker" I might have said "Reminder". Because I use it to remind me where I'm supposed to turn. If I can remember all on my own where I'm going then there's no reason to use the light. Why waste energy and use up the bulb?

Turns out that it's an Indicator Light and it was designed so that a driver could use it to Indicate to other drivers and pedestrians what they plan to do. If everyone is using them and paying attention to the indications of other drivers then, the theory goes, we can all move more efficiently around the highways and byways.

Well, I'll be damned if you don't learn something new every day.


  1. For my wife, when I'm driving, the indicator light indicates that her husband is now one of those gray haired types who somehow puts it on and leaves it on for a twenty mile stretch of highway until his wife smacks him upside the head.

    Hey--come do your Popstrology. Chili did it. She was born under the sign of Marvin Gay's Heard it throught the Grapevine in the year dominated by the Fifth Dimension.

    I'm under Jailhouse Rock, second year of Elvis.

    What stars guide your destiny?

  2. I'm pretty sure, Vanx, that Kizz and I are sisters in Popstrology. We were born slightly less than a week apart in the same year. Perhaps that explains a bit about us....