Friday, September 29, 2006

Current obsession

I can't let go fo the Lee Tergesen thing. (No, not Lee Tergesen's thing, if I had hold of that you wouldn't be hearing from me at all so just count your blessings.) He guested on the Unit this week so he's sponsoring this installment of Hot People.


  1. I've gotta second the Lee Tergesen thing - though, as you rightly pointed out, not his actual THING. If you ever do get hold of that, I expect to hear all about it.

    I was particularly fond of Master Lee in the now-cancelled Wanted. Tergesen played a white-trash kind of guy who was always in cut-off plaid shirts and jeans, and he gave the impression of always being either slightly shit faced or fast approaching a hangover. I'm not sure what about his character appealed to me so; my attraction to skinny white boys is usually mediated by their intelligence, and this character, though smart and certainly funny, wasn't what I'd call the intellectual type - perhaps it was the mustache? :P

    Anyway, I've read reviews that claimed that outing to be the most violent, misogynistic show that had aired to date. Maybe it was, but I loved it.

    There's something about Dennis Haysbert that I can't quite figure out. I LOVE his voice, but the boyish face doesn't quite cut it for me. I heartily agree that he qualifies as a Hot Person, but I'm not sure where he'd place on my personal list.

  2. The boyish thing is why I went with a scruffy Haysbert pic. I agree.

    Still waiting for Wanted to come out on DVD. I'm very sorry I missed it. It's the eyes for me. They've got the serious piercing thing even when he's playing a drunkard or a nutjob.