Monday, September 18, 2006


I know I'm not alone in being baffled every time our illustrious president does anything but lately, man, I can't read the print for my head shaking.

I keep thinking of the last Czar of Russia. Czar Nicholas was the son of a decorated and directed military leader, a strict father with military interest and experience who took pride in doing the job by the tried and true rules. Some time after his father's death the world went to war and Nicholas joined in on the European front. A bit later the Japanese joined and Nicholas had a panic attack and willy nilly started splitting his troops up and fighting them too. So now the young, inexperienced Czar has his troops spread thin, his supply lines too long and his expertise is dwindling fast. He ends up with a country ruled by a small number of the elite who are unable to pay the resentful, poverty-stricken serving class. Is any of this sounding remotely familiar yet? Revolution ensued and Nicholas and his family were gruesomely dispatched by the next group to take power.

I'm no history expert, especially military history, (please do not take the above paragraph as a full and complete description of the fall of the Russian aristocracy) and I'm certainly not saying that I want to see the Bush twins strapped into jewel-encrusted corsets and shot then bayoneted until their $50 nail tips and $200 hair highlights are a distant memory. I am wondering, however, is a third front really a good plan right now? Really? And I'm not even counting Korea, Israel/Palestine, the War on Drugs or the War on Terror here at home.

In the meantime I also grow incensed by Bush's whole "God loves us best" stuff. I was led to believe that God loves everyone best. It's sort of the allure of God is it not? The more he says it the more he turns America into the lead character in that Free To Be You And Me story, Ladies First. In case you don't remember the tigers ate her righteous, frill-clad behind in the end.

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