Monday, September 25, 2006

Hot ass mythbusters

I believe I've mentioned that the week has been somewhat depressing. The sort of thing that kind of presses you into the couch and won't let you up. The overview is that there were 2 deaths I shouldn't speak about then Miflohny's friend C died and then a distant relative of mine also passed. I'll probably head down to FL in the nearish future for a memorial.

While pressed to the couch I ended up watching much of a marathon of these yahoos. It's just enough science for me without going overboard and there's plenty of Peter Pan-like idiocy to lighten it. It's the sort of show I think that everyone I went to college with would love to be part of. I could cast each of us as one of the Mythbusters team. I'd be the girl on the computer, then the girl holding the fire extinguisher, then the girl applying first aid through tears of laughter.

The episode that really lifted my spirits was the one about flatulence. Flautas, I believe, is the technical term that they used "so as not to offend any viewers". They had to catch a fart to measure its contents, of course. There was a complicated apparatus built that involved Adam sitting in a bathtub full of water under a funnel and using his hand to direct the bubbles into the capturing tubing. Hee! Then there's a bean eating sequence. I can't go on, you've got to watch it yourself. It's too good.

Technically this is also a hot people entry because...well, because different strokes for different folks. Can you guess which one I think is snuggly?


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  2. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say "the boy with the arrow in the bottom picture." I can't remember his name off the top of my head and I should because the girls have decided that Mythbusters is as cool a show as Good Eats. As a consequence, TiVo has been tasked to get them on a regular basis.

    I, personally, am hot for Jamie. Though Adam regularly gets my laughs, there's something about Jamie's cool, calm, slightly snarky attitude (and that moustache) that just works for me.

  3. It's dangerous for us both to be on the same limb, so I'll go with the one in the black in the first two picks.

    And offer condolences, sympathy and an online hug.