Friday, September 29, 2006

I'm smart, no really

Why does logic sometimes just elude you?

Like one time, right around the time JAM was going back to school to become a fancy engineery type guy, we were making mac and cheese. Someone had told me to put a wooden spoon in the pot when you put the lid on so it wouldn't boil over. JAM is all jumping around in our postage stamp kitchen and he's excited by this new development. He removes the lid, picks up the spoon and turns to me intensely, "I wonder what properties of a wooden spoon keep it from boiling over?" Um, yeah. Good luck with that whole college thing.

But it happens to everyone.

Did I tell you what I did when I was recording last month? I'm in my little isolation booth and DJay has decided I should sing back up for a portion of one song. I sing through the first track then Jay and Alex go into the control booth where I can't hear them and I'm waiting for the go ahead. I'm totally stressing because it's going to be really hard to sing this second part. I have no idea how they'll do this so that the backup part I'm about to sing will match up with the first part. My rhythm will have to be perfect and I won't have a reference at all and my rhythm is almost never perfect. I'm very nervous...until they playback the first track for me to sing along with. Recording studio.

Today was a subtler but equally ridiculous example. It started yesterday when I went to the ear doctor for another visit to assess my progress with the icky infection thing. By the way, while there I had a melt down, total meltdown over health insurance and rules. Melt. Down. If I was a nuclear power plant you'd all be dead. Not good. So I felt shitty all the rest of the day. He'd cleaned out my ears and put 2 different kinds of meds in them, nothing as bad as the August visit but plenty. I was tired and sad and kinda mad and totally sick to my stomach. This morning I pried my ass out of bed and went to floor barre and I felt nauseated all through the whole thing. Which all made me feel even shittier because damn I do not want to have some other illness, some other thing to slow me down. Fortunately as I reflected on trying some of my mom's patented remedy - denial - I stubbed my toe on some logic. He cleaned out my ears and then blew some other stuff in there and then topped it off with a swab of goopy crap. In my ears. The place where balance lives. And we all know what happens when balance departs, so does your stomach.

Logic, it's your friend, if you can only keep your grasp on it.

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