Monday, September 25, 2006

Oh, this is so beyond the comments section

Chili said:
"I'm going to go out on a limb here and say "the boy with the arrow in the bottom picture." I can't remember his name off the top of my head and I should because the girls have decided that Mythbusters is as cool a show as Good Eats. As a consequence, TiVo has been tasked to get them on a regular basis."

On this count she is right. She also helped me out with some seriously simple logic so I could find out his name. On the show they call him Tore, but I wasn't sure how they were spelling it. Turns out his real name is Salvatore Belleci. If he were my boyfriend I'd so be calling him Sal. (Hear that? Call me Sal!)

Then she goes on to say:
"I, personally, am hot for Jamie. Though Adam regularly gets my laughs, there's something about Jamie's cool, calm, slightly snarky attitude (and that moustache) that just works for me."

I'm not even going to touch the moustache comment. Have you seen the moustache? Go back and look at the previous entry. Stare long and hard at the moustache. Then picture him drinking a tall frosty milkshake. Chocolate. Then get back to me on the moustache. OK, well I guess I did touch on the moustache, couldn't be helped.

Jamie, as a whole, though, not a choice I can get behind. I think, perhaps, that Chili hasn't seen enough episodes. I thought he was possibly the better choice of the 2 core busters when I first started watching, too. Adam Gleeful? Devil-may-care? Oh who am I kidding, he's got an exuberant childish side that would get old in a matter of seconds for me. I do, however, admire his teaching style and his willingness to admit and take responsibility for his mistakes and...sorry, this isn't about Adam.

Jamie will occasionally get a huge kick out of something and he'll do this understated giggle sort of thing and it's charming, I'll admit that. However, more often than not he can't take a joke. Dish it out? Check. Take it? Er, no. He has all the worst traits of an only child (no idea if he really is but he gets the honorary title if not). He can't stand it when someone else plays with his toys. He doesn't like to discuss his designs with anyone and if something goes wrong he won't get feedback or talk to the group he stomps off and sulks. Let's go with an example.

They're building a Civil War rocket. They're testing it in the shop. Jamie is in charge of the release valve that lets the nitrous oxide (I think) enter the propulsion system. When the test is done Adam lets him know he can stop the nitrous flow. He does and there's a huge pop and stuff swirls around and everyone jumps like 5 feet. Adam yells, "Are you OK?" Jamie replies, "I knew that was going to happen." Be that as it may, if Adam had done that we'd have been treated to a 10 minute safety lecture on how everyone needs to know what is happening with dangerous and flammable substances blah blah blah mythcakes.

In another episode they're testing Coca Cola as a cleaning agent. Adam cleans the bathroom with a commercial cleaner. Jamie is slated to clean with coca cola. So Adam dirties it up with auto grease. It's a joke, it's a stupid Adam joke, and it's not the end of the world. Jamie walks in, sees the mess and immediately delivers a lecture about how Adam needs to ask Jamie before he does something like that to Jamie's stuff because what if the grease doesn't come off and then his whole shop bathroom is ruined, beyond repair. I think I delivered this same lecture about a beloved pair of jeans. I was 11. And I have the excuse of being an only child.

So, OK, it's not like she said she wanted to marry the guy or anything but I had to set her straight. It was killing me. I don't care how much you like the lip tickler, his attitude ruins it.

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