Saturday, September 30, 2006

Picture This

I love photography. I have for most of my life. I like to take pictures and to look at them. If I have a choice of art to peruse I'll choose photos. I especially love photos of people but certain landscape photos are gorgeous, too. I'm not so much into the industrial thing. I love to look at people's wedding albums and other family albums, which is why I think Flickr is ridiculously fun.

Now what's odd is that I only have one solely photo blog in my long list of daily reads. I go to a lot of blogs that use photos - Dooce, Blurbomat, Rob R-H, Sundry - but, you know, mostly I go to those for pictures of the pets and the children not for an arty factor. I love Chuck Fridays over at the Doocery.

The one photoblog I've got is Chromasia. I love what this guy does.


  1. I'm surprised you aren't a regular visitor to foto-ops...

  2. I do but he hasn't been updating super regularly. I check him on days when I'm at work, because I've got it saved there.

  3. Ah - good. I was hoping you checked in once in a while.

    I'm wondering how often HE checks in, though - I've made several comments that he's never responded to. What's up with that, ya think?

  4. He may not have turned on the bit that sends the comments to him. Or he may just be busy. We know that he's being careful to balance life on and off screen.

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