Friday, September 08, 2006

Real life words

It's been a good couple of days for real life words.

This morning at the barre part of floor barre the teacher was working on a correction with a delightfully naive young lady who looks to be a lifetime ballerina. She's very concentrated and serious about her work. The discussion revolved around where a dancer's weight should be centered and how the balls of one's feet figure into that.

Naive dancer: So the weight should be in our balls, then?

If I were the sort of person to give out awards I would have started yesterday during a phone call with my stylist. It would have been Kizz-o-whirl's Award for Excellence in Truth-telling given to the person with the most panache in delivering a simple truth. I've called the stylist and pretty much launched into a question. She immediately answered with fabulously detailed information and follow up questions and directions that included "On the north west corner of that intersection." Humbled in the face of that sort of finesse I finally regain my manners.

Me: This is so great, thank you so much. So, what's up with you?

Her: My boat sank.

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