Thursday, September 14, 2006


In the spirit of realizing when I'm overthinking something I'll quickly explain why I've been off the blog for a day or so after being so prolific. There's one thing I want to write about that I'm just not sure about and it's sort of blocking the path. It should. It's big. So I'll lay it down in outline, and in the interest of sending good energy out to someone special.

Last night Miflohny let us know that her good friend C, who I've talked about before, is receiving hospice care. Without going into specifics, she is likely quite close to leaving. She's fought so ridiculously valiantly and been blocked unfairly by so many things. For a long time her death would have been unfair. Now? Now. Well, now.

JAM's dad, ET, is a minister. Very soon after I met him we had occasion to talk about his work with parishioners who were near death and whenever I deal with this part I can see his face when he talks about the importance of letting someone know that it's OK for them to go so they don't feel they need to stay for the sake of their loved ones.

I wish for C whatever she wants or needs. I wish her well and I know she will be sorely missed. She's also one hell of an example for those of us fortunate enough to have spent time with her.

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  1. Wow I feel you on this one.
    I'm there for you.