Thursday, September 14, 2006

Someone says it better

Just one more thought in the vicinity of this anniversary. Laid Off Dad didn't think he was going to write about the 5th year after 9/11 but eventually he couldn't help it. His reason is simply put, "I'm frustrated and angry, because despite my best attempts to put this all behind me the anniversaries are somehow getting worse."

Yeah, what he said.

He also talks about his visit to Ground Zero. I have not wanted to go and look at the hole. I've seen pictures, I've seen bodies carried out, I saw the rubble live in September of 2001, it hasn't felt right. A couple of times I've had visitors who wanted to go so I stay at the memorial at Trinity Church and point them toward the crater.

Last December there was a surprise baby shower for C-ann out in Hoboken. I took the Path Train from 34th Street. I don't take the Path that often so I didn't think about it much. I got in the first train back to NYC without looking at the destination because I didn't think...let's just leave it at that.

The World Trade Center bound Path Train comes up into open air inside the hole and the track hugs the wall, moving around 3 sides of the foundation before it gets to the platform. It is indescribable really to be slowly motoring around that ground as though you're taking a guided tour.

One of the main foci the media gave to Monday's anniversary was the rebuilding of the WTC. The thing I didn't say on Monday is this: Leave the hole. It's the most honest memorial to the event and the people who are, literally, part of that foundation now.

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  1. Man! I totally agree with you. I didn't know I did until the precise moment I read it. But I do.

    Open Letter to the Memorial Foundation --

    What she said.