Friday, September 15, 2006

Treat Me Right

There's a new store in the 'hood. It's a pet food store called Who's Your Doggy and it's perfectly situated on a mostly residential street that dead ends into the local park. It is, in fact, directly in my path as I walk to the park, which I do almost every day. I don't usually go alone, of course, I go with Em.

Em loves the new store. There's a display of high end big chewy treats just inside the door at dog level. It's like a salad bar for dogs, they can choose their own favorite, which amuses the owner no end. Emily is impressed.

I am weak.

So far I've purchased at least one thing about 50% of the time we've passed the store. Consider the fact that a good 30% of the times we pass are before the place opens. I am putty in the old girl's hands, no matter what I keep telling myself about how great I am for supporting local businesses.

It's like I had kids who go to a school a block from an ice cream parlor. I'd have thousand pound kids...really happy thousand pound kids who love to walk to school.

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