Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Where I lie

Next Tuesday it's time to vote here in the BK. Which means I've got a good 6 days to study up on the community level before I pull the lever. And just in time Chili pointed me to this quiz.

Just about where I thought I'd be.

Where are you?


  1. trying to get to the quiz link. not so much from here. will keep trying. flop.

  2. It works here, hope it works for you next time you try.

  3. The link worked for me, too - just in case you wanted outside confirmation.

    I'm a little surprised I wasn't farther left, really - I'm one crosshatch right of where your dot landed. I wonder which questions we answered differently to get that result.

  4. ok. got on this morning. I believe, dearie, that I'm exactly where you are...mabye a titch to the left, but really really close. Interesting link. Im sending it to everyone! happy day.