Tuesday, September 12, 2006

You're too late!

I voted at 7:45 this morning. There was no line and the volunteers were efficient and pleasant.

That's pretty late for me. My first NYC voting experiences were in Park Slope. Ignorant and not an early riser I voted in the evening which is a mistake. You can wait for over 2 hours in a crowd of sweaty, self-important, increasingly cranky grups to vote in Park Slope in the evening.

In my last apartment I assumed it'd be the same so I started voting in the morning. I'd get up at 6, when the polls open, pee, put on pants and truck over 3 blocks and get my vote in. Often, probably 9 out of 10 times I voted in that district, I was the first voter. Which means I was the first person those volunteers practiced on. Which means that it's entirely possible none of my votes were ever counted. But I did vote.

In this new district (a full 5 blocks from the old) I started with the same routine. Not only was the line for my district short, the whole room was pretty much deserted. So last time I got crazy and went on my way to work, leaving about 45 mins early. I waited in line. For 5 minutes. With 3 people ahead of me. I can deal with that. I don't need to be first.

There's another reason I vote in the morning, though, one that's a little more satisfying to me. I've been assualted by pamphlets and posters and hand pumping politicians for at least a month now. Today I can finally in good conscience rebuff them with a dazzling grin, "You're too late, I've already voted."

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