Wednesday, October 18, 2006

An Album by the Police

I'm continually fascinated by the synchronicity in everyday life. Today I read 2 posts in fairly quick succession that somehow match or complement each other. You should check them out.

Sundry is talking about the ways in which having her son has changed her views. Specifically she's thinking about religion and spirituality and the complexities of having a truly pro-choice standpoint in the real world. She talks about another great writer, too, Anne LaMott.

Daddytypes pointed me toward this wonderful new resource for families whose children die. Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep helps grieving families connect with a photographer in their area who will take photos of them with their child or children so that they have a record of the life that is being lost. It's not a new idea, bereavement photography, but it's new to have it move back in the mainstream in America.

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