Sunday, October 01, 2006

Casting question

What about this woman says, "I am one tough-ass bitch?"

She's best known for her roles as a cop, a firefighter and an FBI agent, who apparently is a black belt in Krav Magah (sp?).

I just don't get it. What do casting directors see in her that I'm missing? I'd peg her as the Ellen Pompeo, Calista Flockhart pool. Is it the funny low brow accent?

Someone tell me, she's getting all my parts.


  1. It's not her looks, I don't think; it's her attitude. She carries around that really tall (really hot) body with an authority that the other girls you mentioned just don't have. Plus, she's got that deep, slightly nasal voice; as soon as she opens her mouth, all thoughts of "pretty, helpless and brainless" run right out of your head. Well, those thoughts run right out of MY head, anyway.

    Any idea what she did before we knew her as Laura on Rescue Me? It'd be interesting to see if she EVERY carried off the Calista Flockheart kind of roles, you know?

  2. Really? You see that from her? I guess that's what it is. I do not see that from her. I still see her is all wispy waify with a bad accent. I don't see the authority. Maybe my jealousy clouds my sight.

    I have no idea what she did before, except the other Leary show, The Job, where she was a police detective.

  3. Oh, yes - I totally see that. I'm betting she's the only girl in a family chock-full of brothers - with a few of them that she could beat up, even. She's got that vibe about her.