Thursday, October 05, 2006

More Brit-Hot, now with heroes

Oyelowo played a Henry VI at the National a few years ago. Much uproar. Apparently the Brits aren't all that fond of rainbow casting.

Check out Jenny Agutter's career. Then look at her bio and see how many charities she not only supports but has founded. Grounded, intelligent, has a brilliant career and has coupled that with? What's that? An actual off-the-job life! Heavens to Betsy. She's a hero, that's for certain.

OK, now Shauna MacDonald is hot, yes, but not half as hot as she is when you're listening to her saucy Scottish accent.


  1. Is MI5 still on the air? I LOVED that show when it was on - what was it on? A&E? I'm going to TiVo right now to see if it can find it....

  2. I'm watching it on DVD actually. But it does rerun every so often on A&E.