Friday, October 06, 2006

Mythbuster Material

Mythtern Jessie just totally won me over. She's exactly the sort of chick they need.

One of the tangential proofs completed by the show is that it's super easy to make Adam puke. They get it on tape all the time. Why they chose him to test the myth about a whirlpool drawing a swimmer under I'll never know. (OK, I know that puking makes good TV but blick!) Anyway, he's in a huge dunk tank, dangling from a trapeze while the team uses a big pump to make a whirlpool and see if it'll take him under.

Eventually, shocker, he tells them to shut it off but it takes too long and he heaves into the body of water in which he is stewing.


Jamie: You OK Adam?

Jessie: Smells like pizza.

She's a keeper.


  1. Seriously? Do they actually SHOW him barfing? I couldn't watch that. As a matter of fact, I had a hard time watching the "seasickness" episode. I left halfway through and read until that segment was over. I don't handle puke well.

  2. Not only do they show it they do at least one instant replay. It's nasty. Fortunately it's from far enough away that I didn't gag. The seasickness ep was bad, but there was only one actual reversal of fortune there. And that was Grant's oddly enough.