Sunday, October 29, 2006

Now let's just enjoy the pretty pictures

Our hilarious emcee, Justine, who, despite almost losing toes to frostbite this year, was heard to say "I want to do this every year!"

When I thought this dog was one of the Bad News Bears I thought it was funny. Then I found out he was Teen Wolf and I loved it so much. The audience kept yelling out questions, "Michael Landon version or Michael J. Fox?" "What about the Jason Bateman sequel?"

I apologize for the blurry photo but it was the only one I got and the costume was hilarious. One Eyed, One Horned, Flyin' Purple People Eater came with 2 people in costume, one fully costumed dog, soundtrack and finally a (fake) human hand that was treated in some way so that the dog was gnawing on it the whole time.

As a group these dogs were cute. Unfortunately the gentleman handler insisted on showing them each separately which took forever and in the end the fireman won a prize. (Still bitter? Why yes I am. Store bought costumes should be disqualified.)

Marie Antoinette was very cute. Sadly by the time I got this photo she had lost the plume in her hair. The best part is that her owner had dressed as a guillotine.

Marie exacting revenge on the stupid wig. This is what all the dogs wish they could do when it's all over.

Final verdict on the leopard was a template created by a tattoo artist friend and spray on hair color.

How cute is he? He was wearing his brand new halti collar and he didn't know what to do with himself.

I wanted to ask the owner of this dog where she got the tutu. It's the kind I've been trying to get for Alita since her old one disintegrated from overuse. It's one of the ones where there are flowers trapped in the tulle. My favorite. If I had one for myself I would wear it every day.

Now this one, not maybe the most inspired or the most labor intensive, but somehow it just worked. I have not included the photo of the south end of him headed north while his owner was trying to slip on those shorts. It's not for the G Rated crowd.

Not pictured: Grand Prize Winner Ernest Hemingway, complete with cigar. An entire group project about eminent domain abuse. A whippet dressed as a French artiste, complete with shivering and shaking as though in an underheated garret. A woman with 4 boot sized dogs - I have no idea what their costumes were but she let them wrap their leashes around her legs until she was fully immobilized - for all I know she's still there. Tiny Dorothy with not 2 but 4 ruby slippers. A pug with a crab strapped to its back, not really sure what that was about but it was hilarious.

Next year we're not even participating...unless we come up with a really super idea.

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  1. Was the bulldog supposed to be the Incredible Hulk?

    Very much enjoyed the pictures and yes - Em and Teddy were TOTALLY robbed; they were a MUCH better Red Riding Hood and Grandma!