Monday, October 02, 2006

Ridiculous dilemma

I have too much vacation time.

Ridiculous, right?

And not entirely true. I don't have too much. You can never have too much, right? But I already only work 4 days a week and I'm used to working at least 5 and I always try to keep the vaca days in reserve in case I need them to perform but then I often keep my performing to after work hours but then what if, out of the blue, all of a sudden I have like 10 Shakespeare gigs and Alex and I have fleets of old people looking to hear us play and I need a bunch of days to record?

Um, yeah, so I project and anticipate problems a lot.

Here's today's "problem". And I say "problem" because, really, if this is the toughest decision I have to make all day then I'll be a lucky girl.

I had already put on the work calendar that I'd be taking this Thurs and next Mon off for the Vegas trip. But the Vegas trip got postponed. So then I was maybe going to OKC but then that didn't work out with schedules and potential memorial services and whatnot. But the memorial service will still happen and it'll still, I assume, be in FL so I'm planning to go and spend a couple of days there anyway around the service. But I've got enough time to do that no matter what really. Do I take the days I still have scheduled around this weekend? Just one of them? Neither and save up for the memorial (or the fictional glut of performance opportunities)?

I'm trying to decide by the end of the day. Thoughts?


  1. I'm a save the vaca day kind of girl, but that usually means I get gypped out of a personal day once each year. So don't listen to me.

  2. I'm of two minds on the issue. I, too, am a 'save the vacation days' kinda gal, though I've not had a job with savable vacation days in nearly two decades, but that's beside the point. My husband gets to save up days, and I love that he can take the occasional day off - say, to chaperone a field trip or some such, or to extend his holiday vacation so he can play with his twin brother when he's here for Christmas, or sleep in with the girls when they have their vacations.

    In this case, I say "split the difference." Take one of the days and do two things with it - something "productive" and/or work related, and something frivolous - go get your nails done or buy a new pair of shoes or something. Like Julie said, taking that one day means you can't get gypped out of that one, and some good can come out of it.

    Just be sure you sleep in!