Tuesday, October 24, 2006

This is what I'm talking about

**Though this is short it contains important spoilers for the "Wrap Party" episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.**

It's relevant to what I've been talking about regarding the Amish school shooting and adoption. If Sorkin titled his episodes only slightly less literally I'd suggest "Where Did I Come From?" for this one. And I'd tell you how and why it's masterfully written but a. I'm about to be late for work and 2. you've heard that from me a couple of times already.

Simon, played by D.L. Hughley, spends the episode haranguing Matt (Matthew Perry) about his white, liberal guilt keeping him from speaking the modern black language. He says he's offended that there isn't a black writer on staff and he takes Matt to a comedy club to see a hot, new black comic to see if the guy is right for a staff position at S60.

He's not.

He is, in point of fact, embarrassingly bad and hackneyed and it makes Simon angry. He tells Matt a story about one of the people from his childhood who made sure that he got out of South Central and went to college and made a name for himself. At the end of the story he says this:

"I can see it (South Central) from my pool, man, and if I don't reach in there and grab as many of them as I can carry every day then I deserve to get sent right back to it."

Some might say that the same goes for all of us.

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