Friday, November 10, 2006

Birthday Fluids

It's MKAEP's birthday today. I don't know that her present is going to arrive today, or even this coming week, so instead I will tell an embarrassing story about her on the internet to celebrate her day.

The first night we really connected she peed in front of me. We weren't in some sort of desert island situation, we weren't in prison, we weren't even in some sort of fruity new age women's group, we were at work...sort of.

We were living in Saginaw, MI touring plays to schools for this nutty mom and pop company. We lived in company housing on a street in what amounts to the ghetto. For real, the place across the street had to be a crack house. They boarded over all the windows at one point, it was nasty. The night in question was employee appreciation day (payday) so we had, of course, purchased beer and the whole company of about 12 people was gathered on the porch of the managers' house and getting to know each other.

It was very eau de camp or vintage dorm or possibly very well dressed commune. Now, I cannot rightly tell you how the night ended. I can tell you that at one point there was swing dancing in the street and that in the morning when MKAEP came out for a smoke on the porch her dress shoes were lined up on the porch. So, long story short, we all had fun.

Some time after the second beer run MKAEP and I are deep in discussion. We were standing on the front "lawn" (2 foot by 2 foot). MKAEP decided she had to pee but she didn't want to a. interrupt the conversation or b. go all the way to the bathroom. For the record we're talking about a house that, despite its 4 bedrooms, if you were in the very farthest part of the dwelling from the bathroom and it took you more than 15 steps to get to the throne you'd have to be walking with your legs crossed. But drunk does not need logic so she ushered me to the side of the house, not 6 steps from where everyone else was standing, but in her defense behind a bush, dropped her drawers and watered the aluminum siding, without interrupting our dialogue for a moment.

That's a bonding moment my friends, it's a keeper.

Head on over to her blog and leave her a hidey ho birthday neighbor if you've got a moment. Maybe that will motivate her to update again...if she can find her password.

Happy Birthday my Jilly Bean!


  1. Now, I'm sure we were really talking about something terribly important, and in my defense. . . sometimes those last 15 steps were the doom of me and you probabally had my laughing hysterically and. . . aw hell. I peed. You love me anyway! thank you for the birthday wishes. I will, indeed update the blog today. xoxoxo

  2. MKAEP, there's no bday entry on your blog, so I am just going to wish you a happy day here (sorry it's a day late). And, don't worry, the list of public places where I have peed is noteworthy. My favorite is behind a dumpster, on pavement, in daylight, at a convenience store.

  3. I did it. made another entry. good grief, you'd think I was giving myself an amputation what with all the procrastination. but it's there.