Monday, November 06, 2006

Exercise your rights and privileges

Tomorrow is election day lads and lasses! Please exercise those rights with both hands and your brain.

Miflohny provided some good info if you've got questions or if you have trouble getting your vote counted. I reprint here:

Tomorrow's election, like all elections, is very important. If you're not sure where your polling place is, the following site should be able to help you: I just checked it, and it gave me my correct poling place and provided a map on how to get there. The website is run by the League of Women Voters and has lots of helpful election related links.

When you go to vote, hopefully you won't have any problems. If you do, you can call the National Voter Assistance Hotline: 1-866-OUR VOTE. If you have a cell phone, take the number with you to the polls. Trained volunteers will be staffing this nonpartisan effort to provide voter assistance and protect voter rights. Since there are very few automatic voter recounts to check accuracy, and since some systems make voter recounts impossible, there may be a lot of fraudulent counts that we don't know about, but, at least we can report problems that we do know about.

I found the following very helpful site. It was able to provide all the races and candidates for my address, except for candidates for judgeships (which are VERY important, but at least in NY, almost impossible to find information on). It didn't have any info on any ballot measures, but it may if there are any in your area (I don't think I'll have any to vote for on this ballot). The site provided info on races for State & US offices. There was no info on city offices, but I don't think there are any city offices up for election right now.

Anyway, it might be good to check it out. Despite feeling well informed on what my ballot will have on it when I get to the polling place, there have been times, I think, that I've been surprised.

Here's the info:

Go to

Type in your zip code and click on GO.

On the next page, click on SEE ALL MY CANDIDATES AND RACES.

It will then ask for your address, after which it will give you a list of your races.

Happy voting.

Please, please, please, it's so important, I know it's hard to feel hopeful but we must try.

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