Friday, November 03, 2006

Help NYC do the right thing

A while ago, at Vanx's request, I chimed in briefly about the hoopla surrounding off-leash privileges in New York City. I receive periodic updates on the case from local dog groups and a couple of things have come in today that I feel warrant a follow up post.

First here's Fido's summary of the interaction so far:

* In May 2006, a small Queens civic association filed a lawsuit in State Supreme Court seeking to end the successful 20-year policy of allowing dogs off-leash during the limited hours of 9pm-closing, and opening to 9am in designated locations in NYC parks that don’t have a dog run.
On August 29, 2006 the case was heard in State Supreme Court and the judge has said he would rule in the case. Typically, rulings are issued within 12 weeks of hearing oral argument.
* In September 2006, the NYC Parks Dept. asked the NYC Health Department to amend Article 161.05 of the Health Code (commonly called the “Leash Law”) to clarify the power of the NYC Parks Commissioner to allow dogs off the leash as per Section 1-04 of the Parks regulations . The Health Department began the amendment process by publishing their proposed amendments
* If the Health Board passes the proposed amendments to the “Leash Law”, clarifying the power of the NYC Parks Commissioner , it will likely render any legal judgment from the State Supreme Court moot. Most likely, the judge wouldn’t even issue a ruling.

From what the people at Fido are saying it seems hopeful that the off leash privileges will be upgraded to a law next month. I suspect that the vocal minority of opponents to the privileges will continue to make trouble but it would be heartening to have this step taken.

Also, there's a poll on the web done by local cable to see how the general public feels about the off leash privileges. It's an internet poll so it's not entirely scientific and therefore I don't mind if you vote even though you don't live in New York. Just vote your mind, please. I'm having lots of trouble believing that 70% of the population actually believes that dogs shouldn't be off leash under any circumstances.

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