Saturday, November 04, 2006

Hot by request again

I love it when people request installments of the Hot People series. This gentleman, Sean Bean, is new to me, too, which makes it that much better. Mmmmm, craggy, skinny, British dude.

Kath and I were hanging out last night and we decided to watch something off her DVR list while our cookies baked. (I'm not being dirty, we were actually baking cookies.) Due to an interesting blurb we chose Caravaggio. The blurb says it's a tongue in cheek look at a Renaissance painter's life. We did not find any of the tongue in cheeiness of it. It was this weird, largely silent, slightly surreal movie full of minimally clad and oddly costumed British actors playing Italian art scene members circa 1500 or something. How exactly you decide to costume a painter from the 16th century in a hat you stole from Ralph Macchio is beyond me. We finally had to give up.

Fortunately we didn't give up before Sean Bean and Tilda Swinton came on and started pleasuring each other with dubloons. At which point Kath mentioned that Bean would be a good choice for the Hot People series. After just a few minutes browsing the image search on him I must say I heartily agree.


  1. I LOVE the Hot People installments, though I don't always agree with the implied level of hotness (and I don't always know who the hell some of those people are). I am still enamoured of Alan Rickman: though he is often not the most hot guy on the planet, if you catch him JUST right.....

  2. Wait, he was in LOTR and he's NEW to you? I'm confused...

  3. Mrs. Chili, you've seen Love Actually, right? Some very nice work by Mr. Rickman. Especially if you can forgive him for infidelity.

  4. I haven't seen Love Actually though, for reasons ENTIRELY unknown to me, I have the soundtrack. I'll put it on my to-see list, though, because I've heard good things about it.

  5. Yeah, he definitely has that rugged look working for him. I'm off to play in the archives and check out the other hotties...
    Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Anonymous2:29 AM

    O.K. so now you will get infected with SBOCD - Sean Bean Obessive Compulsive Disorder. Don't be disuaded by the utter wierdness of Caravaggio. Sean made that 20 yrs ago, stone broke, unknown struggling actor. Check out "Sharpe" British TV series, rentable from Netflix. "Extremely Dangerous" "Clarissa" "LOTR" "EssexBoys" - check out It will change your life. Sean Bean is the masculine equivalent of "Sex on a Stick" a tall drink of water, most snoggable Brit alive - fuggedabout Hugh Grant who is just a twitty tweedy pale vanilla imitation - Sean Bean is Sirloin Red Meat for bad boy brit actors! Yikes! Cowabunga! Check out Bean Buffs at Yahoo Groups and The Mighty Bean forum.

  7. WELL, then! I guess that settles it!

    (just as an aside - we saw what, quite possibly, was the shortest Sean Bean appearance in a film ever - in Goldeneye. He gets shot in the head in the first five minutes).

    (oh! And he's also playing in some episodes of Heroes, which we LOVE!)

  8. Mrs. Chili -- you can borrow my dvd of LA, if you wish.

    Kizz, may I request a Hot People? We watched The Nine last night... many hot people, in many different ways.

  9. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Hey Mrs. Chili, watch the rest of Goldeneye and you might have a nice Bean surprise!